All You Can Do In Pucón, Chile

Pucón is a place full of magic, due to its fascinating movie-like landscapes. It is located in the south of Chile, and it is the country’s capital of adventure tourism. Pucón will give you the best travel experience, either as a solo traveler or a family trip.

You can start touring the city (which is beautiful), going to the pier and to the ‘Playa Negra’ beach, ending with a fine dinner at a great restaurant. There is even a casino! There are also multiple natural parks and reserves you can visit. And finally, all the extreme sports and activities available you can find in travel agencies.

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Villarrica Volcano from the Pucon pier.

Another place you must visit while being in Chile is Puerto Varas, embeded with an interesting culture of German-chilean syncretism. It is a fascinating place as it is stated on my article about it!

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