A Short Trip To Puerto Varas, “Green Land Of Hope”

Puerto Varas is one of the most beautiful places I have been to. It is quite small, hence you can see the whole city in one day. But that does not mean you will be out of options to have fun or be amazed for longer than that.

It is located in the Lake District in the south of Chile, and it is one of the cities in the surroundings of the Llanquihue Lake. Because of its German settlers history, the whole city has a german colonial architecture, which gives Puerto Varas, and some other nearby cities, an oversea look.

Where To Stay

I usually book hostels or guest houses, however, since this time I was invited, I stayed in a hotel (which I did not have to pay for). The hotel Germania is beautiful; it has wooden decorations in the outside and a curious arch over the entrance. The service is great and everything is always clean. The room I got had a wooden balcony with a peculiar view: a railroad on bedazzling grass, and pretty houses placed on a hill. The hotel offered a breakfast buffet; there were not too many choices, but it was good. From the internet you can book a double room, breakfast included, for about CLP 50,000 (USD 72.4). Given the quality and the location of the place, I think it is a reasonable price, but as I said before, personally, I prefer hostels with homy looks and kind hosts (and cheaper, of course), and Puerto Varas is full of them.

Some Useful Tips

  • I recommend to have always a waterproof jacket and a change of socks.
  • Book a place to stay before you get there. Puerto Varas is extremely demanded.
  • Compare travel agencies rates before paying right away. There are many of them, and some activities can get very pricey in some of them.

The City

If you are in Puerto Varas, the first thing you want to do is to visit its beautiful pier. There, you can enjoy an astonishing view and a refreshing breeze under a ubiquitous drizzle. From time to time you can also see fishermen standing in the end of the Pedraplén pier, holding fishing rods, sharing the moment.

Across the street, it stands the main square of the city, full of radiant roses and Ulmo trees — speaking of which, you cannot go to the south of Chile and not try a little bit of Ulmo honey, it is delicious!

I had the opportunity to sing in the Sacred Heart Church, which is also a national monument. I loved this building, that certainly stands out from far, with its red and white colors against all the green around it.

There are many other national monuments all over the place, such as the Kuschel House on Klenner Street or the Lutheran Church on Vicente Pérez Rosales Avenue, so just take your time to explore it and amaze yourself with the charming architecture you will definitely find there.

Last Moment Souvenirs?

On my last day in the city of roses, I realized that I was missing the souvenirs I had promised to my family. As we love to try new flavors, I decided to visit two chocolateries. Both of them were on Walker Martínez Street. The first one, Chocolaterie Dominique, I found incredibly sophisticated. The place was quite small, but truly elegant, and there was a large window inside, through where customers could observe the chocolate making process. The quality of the chocolate was undeniable. The second one, Chocolatería Müdolph, is actually a shop, where other products are also sold. Many of them were really interesting: Ulmo honey with mustard, a great variety of exotic tea blends, and different types of local homemade cheese, to name a few.

And For Pie Addicts…

Talking about food, the Lake District in Chile is known for its local berries’ kuchens, and try them is a ‘must do’ in this locality. If there is a place I can recommend is Pim’s Pub & Coffee, located on the northwest corner of the Main Square, where you can find a great variety of kuchens and cakes in a pleasant ambience, at a fair price.

Other Activities

Even when Puerto Varas and its surroundings have so much to offer, given that I was on this trip for a particular reason, I did not have time to do any other activity . But, I do know about some places to visit and fun things to do. For example, there are two volcanoes: Osorno and Calbuco. In the Osorno Volcano there is a ski center, where you can easily go to enjoy a family day. The other one, is for the adventurers, since it is more difficult to access (the only ways are trekking paths). You can also do horse riding, canopy, rafting and other activities alike. There are many travel agencies where you can look for the best rates to these fascinating experiences in this fairytale-looking place.

2 thoughts on “A Short Trip To Puerto Varas, “Green Land Of Hope””

  1. Hola!!!
    Me encantó tu descripción del lugar, realmente dan ganas de ir a conocerlo y disfrutar de todo lo que mencionas.
    A pesar de haber vivido en el sur, no conocí Puerto Varas… mmmm creo que mi espíritu viajero está adormilado.
    Gracias !!

    1. Me alegra mucho que le haya gustado! Y bueno, ese espíritu viajero puede despertar y salir a conocer cosas nuevas. Nunca es tarde! Y como bien sabe, Chile es muy bonito 💕

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